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Case Design

Oakleigh Cases are individually designed to meet the needs of your equipment either on tour, in house or in difficult environmental conditions. To ensure the best possible bespoke flight case designs we liaise closely with you, our customer, to determine the nature and fragility of the equipment, how the equipment is to be transported and how the equipment is to be used on site. Find the most popular case design for your reference.

Rackmount  Style

Rackmount flight cases are a style of case with internal racking systems to accommodate servers and other electrical systems. Whether you require a standard rack, shock-mounted rack, double bay rack case, rack-mount PC case, or even racks designed for a collection or specific systems, we can cater for them all. We can design and manufacture anything from the standard 19” rack to any bespoke specification in a wide range of unit sizes and types. We can also supply different types of rack fittings, from rack nuts to 5U lockable rack drawers, and metal rack frames.

Tool Box Style

At Oakleigh Cases, we offer a variety of flight case tool-boxes and tools storage which, whilst perfect for universal tools, gardening tools, and Stanley tools, can also cater to a variety of other specifications such as carrying backstage equipment. As with all of our products, tool-box cases can be custom specified including internal lining, wheeled options, available in a selection of colors, and is made from the highest quality birch plywood and a laminated exterior to reflect a quality finish, all manufactured in- house. Our state-of-the-art machinery means that the customization possibilities are boundless. All drawers are fitted with high-quality runners and can take up to 40kg. Castors are fitted below the case to our custom plywood runners or dolly’s (depending on the design of case required) with bracketed/fitted hinges to support the door’s weight if needed (hinged lid option).

Briefcase Style

Slim-line and lightweight, a briefcase-style flight-case offers both portability and protection for valuable handheld equipment. It can be custom-built to accommodate electrical components, prototype models, laptops, and almost any other equipment. Our briefcase styles are constructed with an emphasis on protection as well as presentation. Our in-house advanced laser machinery adds unbeatable precision and accuracy to our designs, in addition to the availability of more bespoke elements such as messaging and logos. We have the resources to construct simple internals or more complex ones, to ensure that your expectations are met at every stage of the designing process.

Tray & Lid Style

A tray and lid style case is designed to allow models/ equipment to sit comfortably in the tray, whilst having the majority of the unit exposed in the lid. This enables the user to remove any fragile or valuable kit easily out of the case. This case can be constructed using your choice of material and finish and can be lined in low-density foam to cushion the unit during transportation, as well as many other accessories to best accommodate your flight case needs.

Road Trunk Style

Road trunk cases are the most popular form of flight cases on the market and our hard-wearing road trunks are made out of the top quality materials. With extras like foam lining, plywood trays, removable divisions, label dishes, stacking options, and many more, they have a hugely varied range of uses and are appropriate for many different industries, such as broadcast, motorsport, music & DJs. All our trunks are designed to withstand the most demanding situations. This is why we only use the highest quality fittings and materials to ensure that your kit arrives safely to and from its destination. We have a variety of standard road trunks as well as the option to create a custom road trunk flight case to your exact requirements.